What sets Préfontaine Capital apart

Proven Track Record of Trust, Integrity & Security since 2004

Our clients benefit from having their portfolios safely kept at affiliates of National Bank of Canada or the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Independence and Alignment of Interests - We are on Your Side

At Prefontaine Capital, we are not pressured to sell any product; our only focus is to invest our own capital, and our clients’ capital using our best ideas, aligning our mutual interests. Simplicity, cost efficiency, and transparency help in achieving better results.

Proven track record of investment success

We have over twenty years of experience in investing and business; our cautious and businesslike approach to investing has generated a solid long-term record for our clients;

We also have a unique expertise in understanding how investments fit in the entire context of our clients’ financial, legal, tax, charitable and estate planning situation.

Small Size Advantage

Being small and independent is a decisive advantage in our ability to outperform since we are free from any distracting institutional pressure, and it allows us to selectively invest in smaller companies with better growth prospects.

Small size also insures less bureaucracy and makes us quicker to adapt to clients’ needs and changes in the environment.

Personalized Services and Favorable Cost Structure

Clients benefit from a direct relationship with their portfolio manager; no need for numerous intermediaries that add to costs. We adapt investments to the particular profile of each client, and the close personal relationship we develop over time helps in achieving the best tailor-made solution.

Préfontaine Capital receives no commission or kickback of any sort, there are no hidden costs. Our only remuneration is a professional fee based on a percentage of assets under management. This percentage is regressive, meaning the larger the assets under management the smaller the percentage. These fees are fully tax deductible for taxable accounts.



« For more than twelve years now, we feel secure with Préfontaine Capital. Stéphane is trustworthy, passionate, knowledgeable, and methodical. He is a good listener, is available, and is receptive to our needs. We are confident that whatever happens in the markets or the economy, Stéphane will have thoroughly analyzed risks and opportunities in order to ensure the protection and growth of our family’s wealth. »


« I tried different investment styles in my life and Préfontaine Capital’s philosophy provided me with better results. I like how thoroughly they analyze investments, how prudent they are managing risks, and also the fact that they keep it simple and stick to investments that they can understand. I have seen the exponential benefits of compounding over time, and the advantages of being patient and avoiding excessive trading. Finally, I like holding my own stocks and bonds, and the fact no one is trying to sell me anything. »


« I am with Préfontaine Capital since 2007, my mother since 2010 and my father since 2016. The investment results and the level of service have been beyond our expectations. »


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